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When It Rains It Pours

Just a quick post before I’m off for New York. I’ve been contacted by NBC and they have asked me to stay a few days longer in New York after the New York Times Schools For Tomorrow conference to be … Continue reading

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My Panel @ The New York Times “Schools For Tomorrow” Conference

I’ll be participating in New York Times Schools for Tomorrow Conference next week. From the web site: ” …  we’re bringing together 400 of the most influential leaders in teaching, government, philanthropy and industry. The goal: to harness the power … Continue reading

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New York Times: Schools For Tomorrow

I was informed recently that I am a speaker (a member of a panel) at the New York Times sponsored “Schools For Tomorrow” – Bringing Technology Into The Classroom Conference. They bill it as: “Technology is transforming how we live. … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You

Each year one of my favorite first week of school activities helps me figure out my first quarter seating arrangement while also helping students get to know one another. I’ve done this with 3rd graders through seventh graders. I don’t … Continue reading

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If Media Reported on National Security (for example) Like They Do Education

Crisis in national security? If we follow the lead of NBC and their Education Nation and other media outlets’ education coverage, their coverage of the “National Security” crisis might look like this: We would put together a panel to discuss … Continue reading

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Models of Education Innovation: What Else Should We Try?

This is my latest post on Huffington Post. In comments on this and other blogs about education, one of the constant complaints from commenters is that no solutions are proposed, only reasons why some program or policy won’t or doesn’t … Continue reading

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Innovation Starts With Having Autonomy

My lastest Huffington Post, post: Innovation Starts With Having Autonomy published today. John Thompson left a comment there that reminded me of a quote I’ve used in the past. It is from Renee Moore’s blog where she quotes David B. Cohen, … Continue reading

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Turning The Corner

I’m told I’m a pretty upbeat person. I usually note the challenge in something and take it on, or deal with it as positively as I can. One of the self imposed challenges I’ve taken on gladly the last few … Continue reading

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“Articulate Specific Programs You Are For”

Justin Hamilton, the US Department of Education’s Press Secretary sent out the following tweet: Mr. Hamilton had just endured a bashing on Twitter, some appropriate points, and a few very over the top. I have to admit as a teacher I … Continue reading

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My Comment on the Education Nation Blog

I left a comment on the “Education Nation Blog” post written by John Deasy, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Just thought I’d post it here tonight as well: Supt. Deasy – Nice job tonight, don’t agree … Continue reading

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