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Finally, A Better Connection!

Our IT department … well Dan, who is our IT person came in today and installed 2 new Cisco wireless routers that my students’ laptops can access. After lunch we took about 2 minutes to log on and took the … Continue reading

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Dealing With Adversity

Monday I broke the news to my students that we were down 10 laptops that had been stolen. We passed out the remaining 18 and figured out whose were missing. One student couldn’t get theirs to start up and upon … Continue reading

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Stolen Laptops Update

The good news is that we are being told that the 32 stolen HP laptops will be replaced … when that will happen is of course way up in the air – could be months. I don’t know yet about … Continue reading

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Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year – Update

Wow, I’ve had a lot response and offers of support since I posted yesterday about the theft of over 40 laptops from my school including 11 of the laptops that support my 1:1 laptop program – Thank You All!!!. Therefore … Continue reading

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Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year

Got into my classroom today to start setting it up for the new school year, school begins in just over a week, and was informed that at least 10 of my class iBooks were stolen. The thieves also got all … Continue reading

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Our Blog Video – How We Blog and Why, Is In Production

Besides video-Skyping today with new friends in Florida we started doing the real work of making a video about how we blog. Last Friday we started brainstorming all the steps we go through and then breaking it down into scenes. … Continue reading

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More Skype Connections

Today we video-Skyped with Paul Schwan’s fifth graders in Florida. Wes Fryer suggested we touch base with each other to work on some future projects … and today was the day. Dealing with the 3 hour time difference (or any … Continue reading

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Animal Ark "Design An Animal” Video Available

Here in the Reno, Nevada, area have a fantastic resource for studying animals, namely Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary. I learned about Animal Ark in 1993 when I first taught in a classroom here. I had the good fortune of having … Continue reading

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Public Wants More Tech In Classrooms

eSchool News has an interesting article today: “Public wants more tech in classrooms” Poll: Americans understand technology’s importance in schools, but disagree on approaches By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor, eSchool News The information in the article stems from a survey … Continue reading

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Have You Used Every Tool In Your Toolbox? Did You Throw Away Those You Haven’t Used Yet?

kitchen utensils.jpg Originally uploaded by CieraH Do you have tools you keep somewhere in your house? If you do, are there some of those tools you have never used? Say a socket for your wrench set that you’ve just never … Continue reading

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