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Reno Bike Project Winding Up!

We still have a few minor loose ends to finish up, but today we finally can say we have completed our Reno Bike Project, project. Amazing what we got done when we got some consistent time to work the last … Continue reading

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Around the World With 80 Schools TV Coverage

NOTE: If you were sent here by the KOLO TV web site – Here is a link to my students’ blogs. We traveled up north to  Saskatchewan, Canada, today – via Skype, and besides the experience being documented in our … Continue reading

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Around The World with 80 Schools

Wow! You can’t set this up like this on purpose! I was just contacted about being part of a project that just might be the perfect way to engage with using Skype video-conferencing in your classroom. This project has been … Continue reading

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Making Video-Conferencing More Than Just Cool

If you are going to use video-conferencing in your classroom, it can’t just be to chat with someone. Back when Christian Long was an active Twitterer he said it like this: “It is NOT good enough to simply say, “My … Continue reading

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Skypeing For Online Safety

A funny thing happened over the summer. My students became sixth graders! (and that can’t be good!) ; ) As we began the year and broke out the laptops I saw things happening that I didn’t like. Nothing horrendous mind … Continue reading

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It Just Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

After my presentation in the Blogger’s Cafe on video-conferencing, a woman in a hurry ran up to me and told me that she was from Singapore. She explained that she showed our “Inclusion” video to her administrators in Singapore, and … Continue reading

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Another Example Of Videoconferencing

This is a bit pricier than $60 for a web cam (and remember computers often come with them built in nowadays), but the Washington Post did this story: Video Setup Tears Down Class Walls Interactive Lessons Available From Afar By … Continue reading

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Video Conference Update

Paul Schwan and his class of fifth graders had their first video-Skype experience with us on Wednesday. Today he posted a fantastic  vidcast  of the event. Earlier he posted a Venn diagram his class put together about our Skype session. … Continue reading

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More Skype Connections

Today we video-Skyped with Paul Schwan’s fifth graders in Florida. Wes Fryer suggested we touch base with each other to work on some future projects … and today was the day. Dealing with the 3 hour time difference (or any … Continue reading

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Sorry, But This Is Just Too Exciting!

I blogged a couple of days ago about a using Skype to connect a family that is split by cancer. Mom and 3 year old are 250 miles away in Oakland at Childrens’ Hospital – Dad and siblings are here … Continue reading

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