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I Might Be Going To Launch Of The Space Shuttle Endeavour

NASA informed me Yesterday that I had been chosen to attend the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on April 19, 2011 as part of their @NASATweetup program. I get to go and Tweet out my experience … and according … Continue reading

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I love this quote from the TV show “The West Wing.” Based on a real Mars landing gone awry, CJ Cregg implores the President to still do a live TV broadcast with scientists and school children even though the spaceship … Continue reading

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How did you begin your technology journey?

A reader named Diane left these questions for me on a recent post and I thought I’d answer her here too. I wonder if others should post their experiences on their own blogs … and in more depth than I … Continue reading

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The Tightwad Tech – The Interview

A few weeks ago, after many attempts trying to find a time we could all make, Mark and Shawn at The Tightwad Tech managed to coral Lisa Parisi and myself across timezones long enough to interview us about how we … Continue reading

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Another Education Analogy

Weight is one of the most important indicators of human health. My health care provider requires a weight test to be sure members pass the health test. Let’s use a patient that weighs 1,000 pounds to see how the numbers … Continue reading

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So a new year is upon us! I have rolled my last class of 4th graders to fifth grade as I usually do. I have 25 students – 19 returners from last year (the others moved) and 6 newbies. We … Continue reading

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A Conversation About “The BluePrint”

Massie Ritsch (link to his appearance on The Colbert Report) with the US Department of Education, and a teacher on special assignment named Jose Rodriguez, contacted me through Twitter after I made a few comments about the ESEA “Blueprint” We … Continue reading

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EduCon 2.2 – Participate In My Conversation

I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be attending my first EduCon in a few weeks and I wanted to make attendees both F2F and otherwise aware of what my “Conversation” will be about. My session/conversation is entitled: Elementary School In … Continue reading

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Blessed, Motivated, Challenged

I’ve written several posts about the process of getting back to 1:1 after having to “retire” the 9 year old iBooks my class had been using. Very unexpectedly my school district decided to replace the ones that our new wireless … Continue reading

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Not there yet, but another step closer

We have had 30 laptops now for over a week, but they still haven’t been put on “the network” because they need to be tagged (inventory control) by the school district 1st, and only then can I make an appointment … Continue reading

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