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How did you begin your technology journey?

A reader named Diane left these questions for me on a recent post and I thought I’d answer her here too. I wonder if others should post their experiences on their own blogs … and in more depth than I … Continue reading

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The Tightwad Tech – The Interview

A few weeks ago, after many attempts trying to find a time we could all make, Mark and Shawn at The Tightwad Tech managed to coral Lisa Parisi and myself across timezones long enough to interview us about how we … Continue reading

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Reason #23 for being part of a PLN

Professional Learning Networks are all the rage with … um … people that are part of professional learning networks (PLN’s). Why? So Monday I’m attempting a “Pre – Skype” – Skype with Maryjo Chmielewski’s class in Wisconsin to make sure … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

So we are already a quarter of the way through the school year and we are still waiting for laptops to arrive and IT to get them online. Not a great start if you are supposed to be a 1:1 … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Comes Home To Roost – Or – How Does A Family Of Four Survive On One Working Cell Phone?

So for reasons I tried my best to foresee but was out voted on, we got stuck with 3 particularly wonky cell phones and in a strange convergence all 3 mostly died in a 2 day period. We weren’t willing … Continue reading

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Reno Bike Project Winding Up!

We still have a few minor loose ends to finish up, but today we finally can say we have completed our Reno Bike Project, project. Amazing what we got done when we got some consistent time to work the last … Continue reading

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Twitter Having Its 15 Minutes of Fame?

Twitter is all over the news, magazine and online articles, the talk shows, comes up in the plots of various TV shows, now Apple is rumored to be buying it. Now that Twitter has gone “Mainstream” (or more mainstream?) I … Continue reading

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My New Challenge

My school, which was built on the cheap in the early sixties, is about to get a major overhaul this summer. Part of that is going to include a new state-of-the-art wireless internet system. That’s great news. However (don’t you … Continue reading

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Its Only Six Seconds!

We continue to work on our Reno Bike Project, project when we can. Just to review, we started this project in December, but various things have eaten away the time we would like to be spending on it … and … Continue reading

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ISTE Video/Audio Capture Policy At NECC 2008 – A Step Backwards, Or No Big Deal?

UPDATE: 6/20 – I’ve pasted the response from ISTE to Miguel’s post about this subject below. I commend ISTE for listening to members’ concerns and responding rapidly and responsibly. Letter from Leslie Connery Hi Miguel – We received substantial feedback … Continue reading

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