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Collaborative Writing Via Google Docs and Skype

Today we experienced the best collaborative writing experience I’ve ever been part of. Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard’s 5th grade class in New York is involved with my class and a group of other teachers around the country in a … Continue reading

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Integration Help

I received the following email today (edited very slightly and name withheld). I will answer the best I can, but I sure don’t have all the answers. Anyone willing to share their ideas here? “I am a fifth grade teacher … Continue reading

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NEA Magazine Article: "The Technology Divide”

The National Education Association magazine “neatoday” published an article today (or at least that’s when I got my copy) The Technology Divide. It includes a piece about my classroom and is also available online. It includes several photos of my … Continue reading

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Trying Out A New Toy

Today I picked up a wireless modem card and service. I’m using it for the first time to make this post. I’m excited about the possibilities this provides. Now I can be online from anywhere I can get cell service … Continue reading

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Report Calls for Ed. Tech. Training

Here’s an study reported about in Education Week that might interest you: “If teachers around the world do not take part in more professional-development training in information and communication technologies, or ICT, they will continue to lack the skills necessary … Continue reading

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8 Years Old … How Old Is That In Tech Years?

I realized today that the Apple iBooks my students use turned 8 years old in the last month. I’m amazed by this in that we blog and Flickr and make wiki pages and more with them and they just keep … Continue reading

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Our Blog Video – How We Blog and Why, Is In Production

Besides video-Skyping today with new friends in Florida we started doing the real work of making a video about how we blog. Last Friday we started brainstorming all the steps we go through and then breaking it down into scenes. … Continue reading

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More Skype Connections

Today we video-Skyped with Paul Schwan’s fifth graders in Florida. Wes Fryer suggested we touch base with each other to work on some future projects … and today was the day. Dealing with the 3 hour time difference (or any … Continue reading

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Animal Ark "Design An Animal” Video Available

Here in the Reno, Nevada, area have a fantastic resource for studying animals, namely Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary. I learned about Animal Ark in 1993 when I first taught in a classroom here. I had the good fortune of having … Continue reading

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The K12 Online Conference Is Coming!

Click on the image above to get a page size printable flyer to put up at your school or place of employment. Also note the conference web site: As the flyer states … the conference is FREE, Flexible (participate … Continue reading

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