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Are We Twittering Less And Enjoying It More?

I was introduced to Twitter last year at NECC in Atlanta and jumped in with both feet. Since then I have been as guilty as anyone with going through a period of almost obsession with the constant chatter and immediate … Continue reading

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Twitter … Another Why? Example

I’m writing this after upgrading my WordPress Blog from version 2.1 to version 2.5 without having my heart completely stop … but almost! I stupidly did not back-up my files … just followed the directions after being advised by WordPress … Continue reading

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Have You Used Every Tool In Your Toolbox? Did You Throw Away Those You Haven’t Used Yet?

kitchen utensils.jpg Originally uploaded by CieraH Do you have tools you keep somewhere in your house? If you do, are there some of those tools you have never used? Say a socket for your wrench set that you’ve just never … Continue reading

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Connections Through History or Its The Network Stupid!

Yesterday we spent part of our day following the Battle Road in Minute Man National Historic Park In Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts (click on my Flickr badge below to see a few photos from there). This is where the American … Continue reading

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Twitter In The Classroom

I tried to leave a comment on David Warlick’s redesigned blog, but alas it wasn’t accepted or worthy or something, so I’ll post here instead. David wondered whether he should put a “Twitter-like” app on Class Blogmiester – and I … Continue reading

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