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Long Distance Writing Assignments

Last week when I was in New York I managed to send my students a writing assignment. I’ve done this before from China. It is not hard to do, but it’s fun for the students and anything that motivates them … Continue reading

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The Tightwad Tech – The Interview

A few weeks ago, after many attempts trying to find a time we could all make, Mark and Shawn at The Tightwad Tech managed to coral Lisa Parisi and myself across timezones long enough to interview us about how we … Continue reading

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So a new year is upon us! I have rolled my last class of 4th graders to fifth grade as I usually do. I have 25 students – 19 returners from last year (the others moved) and 6 newbies. We … Continue reading

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Make Their Day!

My 4th graders are mostly second language learners and on IEP’s so they need lots of practice using correct English, punctuation and spelling. Since we blog, Skype, make wiki pages and more, I believe constantly exposing them to the ethics, … Continue reading

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New Report Finds That Writing Can Be Powerful Driver for Improving Reading Skills

Some will say this is so obvious that it goes without saying … and I would tend to agree, but I think it’s one of those studies that allows us something to point at with authority to those that don’t … Continue reading

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Reno Bike Project Winding Up!

We still have a few minor loose ends to finish up, but today we finally can say we have completed our Reno Bike Project, project. Amazing what we got done when we got some consistent time to work the last … Continue reading

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My New Challenge

My school, which was built on the cheap in the early sixties, is about to get a major overhaul this summer. Part of that is going to include a new state-of-the-art wireless internet system. That’s great news. However (don’t you … Continue reading

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Reading More to Read Better … What a Concept!

I shared a Reading / Writing lesson a few weeks back and for several reasons I decided to do a bit of an update post. For one it has ended up being a great addition to the “Free Reading” program … Continue reading

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One Reason We Blog – Finding and Clarifying Misconceptions

As my students were writing today about yesterday’s experience with Alan, I caught several misconceptions students had about what we had learned. One student explained, for example, that the reason Iceland isn’t as cold as one would think, based on … Continue reading

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Our Blog Video – How We Blog and Why, Is In Production

Besides video-Skyping today with new friends in Florida we started doing the real work of making a video about how we blog. Last Friday we started brainstorming all the steps we go through and then breaking it down into scenes. … Continue reading

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