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Me to one of my 4th grade students:     “Hey, you’ve been out for 3 days, did you have the flu?” Student:     “No, that’s what we thought at first, but I just had a fever, was throwing up, achy, … Continue reading

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Transparent Promotion

Cable in the Classroom included this blog in their Professional Development article entitled “Bookmark This!” In their May issue. Learning is Messy is included with really first rate blogs, so check out the article if for no other reason to … Continue reading

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Shaken Not Stirred

Seismograph – University of Nevada, Reno, 11:45PM last night Reported to be a 5.0 quake   UPDATE: Quake now said to have been 4.7 … cracked some house walls in northwest Reno, busted some sprinkler pipes, busted the flume used … Continue reading

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It’s Just One Of Those Busy Times

This is one of those … “I know I haven’t been blogging much…” posts. Well I haven’t,  but you may have picked up here and there that I have been unusually busy. If you’re a classroom teacher you know how … Continue reading

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The Bear, The Broom and The Brave

I’ve been off the grid this Labor Day Weekend camping 2 hours south of Reno in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains near Silver Lake. Friday night I got up about 1am to walk our fidgety, demanding Australian Shepherd. No big … Continue reading

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‘Nuf Said

We saw many of the “Memorials” around Washington DC today – VietNam, WWII, Korean War, Lincoln, Jefferson, The Holocaust Museum – all striking and thought provoking. But one surprised me in that I wasn’t really aware of it, and that … Continue reading

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Test From Flock – Or I Better Not Get Caught Using Word to Write My Blog Again!!!

OK – I was made fun of (just a little) by several inhabitants of the Bloggers Cafe right after David Warlick sat next to me, saw that I was authoring a blog post, noticed I was using Word and said, … Continue reading

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I’m Here! NECC 2007

Well my plane (jet) left an hour earlier than it said it would on my itinerary, but that worked out OK. I just read Dave’s Tips about how to behave while here – I hope I remember everything. I learned … Continue reading

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No Rest For The Weary!

You’ve probably noted I haven’t posted much lately … I’ve been sick … it’s end of school year syndrome … just too busy. Our last day was Wednesday, but I had to completely box up my room, even though I’m … Continue reading

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Come Join Me On WOW2 Tonight!

Women of Web 2.0, Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Sharon Peters, & Vicki Davis have asked me to be a guest tonight on their live webcast. On their web site they describe themselves as: “…four women who not only love using … Continue reading

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