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Ah The Troubles I’ve Seen

Saturday I was scheduled to do a 1 hour presentation “Tales From A Model Technology Classroom” at the Nevada Technology Leadership Conference. That was great because Ian Jukes was doing several presentations after his keynote and I would have a … Continue reading

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Nevada Education Technology Leadership Conference

Update 2-28 / 10:30pm Link to my conference Wiki. This weekend is our state technology conference. Ian Jukes is the keynote speaker Saturday. From the conference website: The theme of this year’s conference, Technology: The Great Connector , suggests the … Continue reading

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Delayed Start

Well it’s our turn here in the high desert. We had snow yesterday and last night (3 – 14 inches depending on the exact location – 4 to 6 feet up in the mountains around us), so we are starting … Continue reading

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Not A Good Sign!

You know you really need that upcoming 3 day weekend when you find yourself standing outside your classroom door pressing the button on the key to your car that unlocks the car doors, and then for an instant wondering why … Continue reading

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OK … Make Me An Offer!

According to Technorati (Thanks – I think – for the link Dave Sherman) my blog is worth $25,404.30 – In my quick check of other ed-blogs Webblogg-ed came in highest at over $400,000. Yeah, I know just another marketing tool … Continue reading

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Top 5 of the Year

The top 5 most read posts in my first 10 months blogging at Learning Is Messy: . . . 1) Paper, Pencils and Books May Not Boost Student Achievement  2) Too Much Time For Change To Happen?  3) Hoping To … Continue reading

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5 Things You Wish You Did Or Didn’t Know About Me Meme

Doug at Borderland sucked me into this: 1. I was going to be a professional photographer … I had been accepted to a photography school when I was asked by a friend to shoot publicity photos at the Outdoor Education … Continue reading

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What’s Happened To Meaningful, Instructive, Constructive, Respectful Discussion?

I have been a contributor to a discussion about the role of teachers, styles of teaching and accountability on another blogger’s blog this past week. It is unfortunate that the discussion became just another example of how discourse has become … Continue reading

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Newsflash! You Can Go Back In Time, I just Did!

We attended Back-To-School Night at my oldest daughter’s high school last night. She is in the pre – IB program so all her classes are basically advanced placement type classes. It was interesting to say the least in light of … Continue reading

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Blogs Are Conversation, But Conversation That Varies In Intensity And Purpose

So I write a post to clarify my understanding of just what kind of a conversation blogs are supposed to provide – and admittedly I probably came across as disappointed in the lack of quality conversation that I have noted … Continue reading

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