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A Small – But I Hope Significant Breakthrough

What Happened To The Time? I haven’t managed to post in a couple of weeks – getting ready for the school year, planning and presenting about the Activboards we received and the digital cameras we bought for each classroom in … Continue reading

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MY SPACE by C. F. Payne

I saw this drawing on the back of September’s Reader’s Digest (“MY SPACE” by C.F. Payne) and it reminded me of the scene David Warlick and so many other edubloggers describe – and I thought the title was apt.

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Parents Shaky About Digital Kids Safety

Interesting article on CNET in light of the recent discussions about DOPA – Parents shaky about kids’ safety online By Stefanie Olsen. One telling quote from the article: Despite a need to shoulder the responsibility, teachers seem bereft of the … Continue reading

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A “Forgotten” Best Practice – Making A Difference In Students’ Lives

Before about 8 years ago some of us recognized that a student raised in poverty (both of money and/or spirit) or in an environment of fear and upheaval was probably just not going to be focused on school, and would … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Tech

One of my first experiences with tech being thought of as the end all, be all, happened about 20 years ago. I was teaching 6th grade at a very high-income public school in California. Being a new teacher at the … Continue reading

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Why Teach? Why Do Another Year?

Teaching is soooo excruciatingly frustrating! 25 years I’ve done this – under-funded, over-tested, overstretched, blamed for poor scores or achievement, etc. Many have told me they could never teach – dang kids and parents and administrators and all. But I’ve … Continue reading

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Where are the “Best Practices” Examples!??!

One of the most popular posts (judging by the number of comments it received) on this young blog (6 months old) was Working, Breathing, Reproducible, Intriguing Models – where I lamented the seeming lack of good models of project/problem based … Continue reading

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Active Learning With ACTIVboards

I spent 3 days last week being trained, along with about 20 other elementary teachers in my school district, in using a Promethean ACTIVboard. My classroom was picked to be the model classroom for this pilot so an ACTIVboard and … Continue reading

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Schoolteachers of America: ‘Your homework is due’

What would we do if there were not enough engineers, we needed to attract more people into engineering AND we felt that too many of the engineers we had were not “highly qualified” to be engineers? Well according to Linda … Continue reading

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