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Which Is “The” Way To Do Education? One Possible Answer

Very thought provoking post over on Stephen Downes’s Half an Hour Blog – “Sameness”. I hope those that will be re-thinking NCLB when that time comes up next year will heed these words. This is the key quote for me: … Continue reading

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Newsflash! You Can Go Back In Time, I just Did!

We attended Back-To-School Night at my oldest daughter’s high school last night. She is in the pre – IB program so all her classes are basically advanced placement type classes. It was interesting to say the least in light of … Continue reading

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Paper Airplanes = Fun Messy Learning

Last week in Reno was the Reno Hot Air Balloon Races and the Camel Races up in Virginia City … this week it’s the 43rd Annual Reno National Championship Air Races (brings $80 million into the local economy), so of … Continue reading

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Blogs Are Conversation, But Conversation That Varies In Intensity And Purpose

So I write a post to clarify my understanding of just what kind of a conversation blogs are supposed to provide – and admittedly I probably came across as disappointed in the lack of quality conversation that I have noted … Continue reading

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Set Me Straight

Isn’t at least part of the power of blogging supposed to be that it is a conversation? Maybe I’m off base here, I’m fairly new to blogging … but I often don’t see the conversation (of course there are great … Continue reading

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Society May Be Willing To Invest In Children If They Are Seen As An Immediate Value To Society

We of the edbloggosphere have bemoaned the snail’s pace progress in educational change. One of the issues I believe is that kids are perceived by society as only having the potential to contribute to society sometime in the future. If … Continue reading

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A Little More Ranting

After experiences and conversations of late I felt this needed to be restated: The key with technology use in education is that IT NOT be about teaching technology. That is one of the big hurdles people have to get over. … Continue reading

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I’ll Add To The Rant

So the edbloggosphere has been on a every other month rant about the sorry lack of initiative by politicos, school boards, school administrators and others, to try new approaches in education. Well I’ll add to the chorus. You know how … Continue reading

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15 Seconds (not minutes) Of Fame

Oh-oh! The downside of doing an interview is living up to it! (Down to it?) I was contacted by Harris Salat over at Visual Thesaurus a few months back. He interviewed me over the phone and here’s the finished product.

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We Should Cut Back On Technology In Schools?

Wes Fryer has posted a podcast of a presentation – “Encouraging Reading” by Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus University of Southern California, at Encyclo-Media 2006, Oklahoma City, OK_01 September 2006 (Thanks Wes!). It is a great presentation and I highly recommend … Continue reading

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