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Some 1:1 Irony

Analogies Practice So we used our laptops today to practice our multiplication facts online. Later we used them to work on our poems and journals that we began after our recent trip – we’ve been learning to illustrate them by … Continue reading

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Our 1:1 Laptop Program Is Going Slow But Steady

Two weeks ago we passed out our newly “batteried” (I know … no such word) Key Lime iBooks (about 7 years old). Since then my fourth graders have learned how to get them out of the carts, started-up, onto the … Continue reading

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Hoping To Make a “Web 2.0″ Difference In A Child’s Life

About a month ago I was called to the office at my school (no I wasn’t in trouble) and I was informed that I was getting a new fourth grade student – not unusual at an “At Risk” school. Several … Continue reading

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Skype Comes Through Again

I want to belatedly thank Dean Shareski and Barry Dahl for Skyping into my “I Want To Integrate Writing, Field Trips and Technology Into My Curriculum, But How?” class Tuesday night (I know – the title was designed by committee … Continue reading

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Video Skype Demo Tuesday Anyone???

Well this worked for Wes last week, but his readership is just a bit higher than mine… I’m teaching a class tech class to K – 12 teachers – Tuesday, December 5 – from 4pm Pacific Time, until 7:30. I’d … Continue reading

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Our “Squaw” Experience

. Just before the cable car began its journey it rocked slightly when some sort of release was pulled, and a squeal erupted from the fourth graders – but it quickly diminished and then was soon followed by “ahhs” as … Continue reading

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