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Youthbridges Audio Skype Interview Experience Podcast

Ten days ago we had the opportunity to link up for an interview with the 8th grade students in Lee Baber’s class at YouthBridges in Virginia. The participants included Lee’s class, my class in Sparks, Nevada – Elderbob Brannan in … Continue reading

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I can’t link to the video, but is featuring a video about Cyberbullies and specifically Kathy Sierra’s situation – they even interview her. Check it out at

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From The Mouths of Babes – Our Contribution To Stop Cyberbullying Day

Click photo to see video “Don’t Laugh At Me” Four years ago my class of fourth graders was struggling. After almost every recess there was anger and tears about teasing and exclusion from games. We spent too much time in … Continue reading

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Participate in Stop Cyberbullying Day this Friday

If you have not heard the story of what has happened to Kathy Sierra over at Passionate Users then follow the link and check it out. Bud Hunt and Andy Carvin have also blogged about this (as many others have … Continue reading

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What Will Happen When They Find Out Kids Might Already Have Unblocked Wireless Access At School?

Thursday I sat in an ActivBoard Cadre meeting at another local school in Reno – a school surrounded by homes and apartments – and when I opened my laptop I noted that I had 15 wireless connections available – 3 … Continue reading

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TeacherTube, Free, Easy To Use … But Is It Blocked?

Thanks to Vicki Davis and David Warlick I tried TeacherTube by uploading our “Inclusion” video there. It was viewed 30 times in about 30 minutes. As so many Web 2.0 applications it is free, easy to sign-up for, easy to … Continue reading

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“Speak Up” Survey Speaks Volumes

“ … an overwhelming 97 percent of students, but just over half of teachers, say they think cell phones should be allowed in school for emergencies and for connecting with parents.” So says Eschool News in an article where they … Continue reading

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Just Passed 30,000 Views and Downloads of “Inclusion” Video

I don’t check my blog statistics very often, but after seeing some recent numbers on downloads of some popular videos – like Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” (2 million + views) – I looked up the stats on our “Inclusion” … Continue reading

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Posts Worth Noting

Doug Noon has 2 great posts – “Scientifically Based Reading Research Wars” and “The Might-Work Clearinghouse” that are way worth the time. Doug has done his research and does a great job of laying out the issues and the research … Continue reading

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YouthBridges Interview Via Skype

Lee Baber’s students from YouthBridges will be interviewing my students Thursday from J. Frank Hillyard Middle School in Virginia. We’ll be using Skype and may be joined by others from various locales. They’ll turn this into a podcast – I’ll … Continue reading

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