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Sorry, But This Is Just Too Exciting!

I blogged a couple of days ago about a using Skype to connect a family that is split by cancer. Mom and 3 year old are 250 miles away in Oakland at Childrens’ Hospital – Dad and siblings are here … Continue reading

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Have You Used Every Tool In Your Toolbox? Did You Throw Away Those You Haven’t Used Yet?

kitchen utensils.jpg Originally uploaded by CieraH Do you have tools you keep somewhere in your house? If you do, are there some of those tools you have never used? Say a socket for your wrench set that you’ve just never … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 or whatever you want to call it. Is it worth doing? Run its course?

Recently we’ve been seeing posts and comments discussing web 2.0 applications. Arguments about whether we should be calling these applications “Web 2.0″ as well as discussions about the educational value of some or all of these applications and whether we … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Boxes!Originally uploaded by mooosh We are at the end of our extended vacation on the East Coast – Fort McHenry and other Baltimore points of interest tomorrow and home on Friday. We got into our room tonight and thanks to … Continue reading

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‘Nuf Said

We saw many of the “Memorials” around Washington DC today – VietNam, WWII, Korean War, Lincoln, Jefferson, The Holocaust Museum – all striking and thought provoking. But one surprised me in that I wasn’t really aware of it, and that … Continue reading

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What I have To Wake Up To For Three Days

This is the view outside our window in Washington D.C. – Department of Education – note the little school buildings labeled “No Child Left Behind.” Blogged with Flock

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Amish Classroom – Look Too Familiar???

Visited here yesterday – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. How different is this than what we do now over a hundred years later? We’ve all asked it before – what are the implications of that? How can we break that cycle? Blogged … Continue reading

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Connections Through History or Its The Network Stupid!

Yesterday we spent part of our day following the Battle Road in Minute Man National Historic Park In Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts (click on my Flickr badge below to see a few photos from there). This is where the American … Continue reading

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From The "Another Sign That The Times They Are A Changin’ Department”

I thought this was a moderately interesting sign of the times. We are on vacation right now visiting New York, Boston, Philadelphia and more. At our hotel in New York my 13 year old daughter had to have me get … Continue reading

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And They’re Still Blogging!

Several of my 4th graders have continued to blog even though school got out a month ago. This may not seem like anything new – we’ve heard teachers mention this before – however I think it is worth noting that … Continue reading

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