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Northern Nevada "21st Century Skills Kickoff”

The State of Nevada chronically places from last … to close to last in per pupil funding of public schools in the US .. while NOT having one of the lower standards of living. Hence Nevada is not at the … Continue reading

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Would This Make Any EduBloggerCon Even Better!?

EduBloggerCon at NECC 2007 was definitely one of the highlights for those involved. So much so that EduBloggerCons have started to spring up at more conferences. Well I think perhaps another professional development gem has been born in Canada. Darren … Continue reading

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MB BloggerCon And The Power of the Network

Dean Shareski with Alec Couros on Skype Originally uploaded by shareski Last week Dean Shareski and Jeff Utecht both video-Skyped into a tech class I was doing for teachers … it was great. So tonight … Thanksgiving … 15 minutes … Continue reading

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"Messy” Thanksgiving Blogging

Yesterday I mentioned that my 5th graders would blog today … or at least begin the process, about our Thanksgiving Feast experience. Based on how we have done so far this year I figured that 2 to maybe 8 or … Continue reading

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"Messy” Thanksgiving

5th grade is the “American History” grade in my school district (and probably most US school districts). As part of our study of the colonies we spent time delving into the first Thanksgiving. For the last week we focused on … Continue reading

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Cut The Blog Archive!? … Say it Ain’t So!

I was realizing the other day that last year my class didn’t begin to blog until the end of January. About half of my current class of 27 were in my class then so no one has blogged for a … Continue reading

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Messy Learning About Thanksgiving

We are studying Thanksgiving this week as part of our study of American History. As part of building the schema for why the Pilgrims were thankful I had the students write about what they are thankful for. Then I talked … Continue reading

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Post about 1:1 At "In Practice”

I just posted about some of my experiences using 1:1 laptops with “At Risk” students over at In Practice. Blogged with Flock

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Animal Ark "Design An Animal” Video Available

Here in the Reno, Nevada, area have a fantastic resource for studying animals, namely Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary. I learned about Animal Ark in 1993 when I first taught in a classroom here. I had the good fortune of having … Continue reading

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This Is Too Cool! Especially If Mom Follows Through.

Reminding you that my students attend a “Title 1″ school and close to 90% of our students receive free lunch, this blog post, and Mom’s comment that follows is just too much! The original assignment was to write about a … Continue reading

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