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Counterintuitive … But Not For The Right People

David Warlick posted today about how Circuit City (a US electronics store) laid off its most experienced sales people to “save money” and now that has “surprisingly” (absolute sarcasm intended here) lead to a drop in business because their service … Continue reading

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Santa Store

Students watch as their gifts are wrapped in our Santa Store Every year we run a “Santa Store” at my school. We are between 80% and 90% free lunch so we are a very “at risk” school. We ask around … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me? … Can You Hear Me Now?

Teaching my students to be CAREFUL proofreaders is always a struggle. Most of my students are second language learners so they already struggle with proper English and English syntax and all that goes with that. So I emphasize with them … Continue reading

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Video Conference Update

Paul Schwan and his class of fifth graders had their first video-Skype experience with us on Wednesday. Today he posted a fantastic  vidcast  of the event. Earlier he posted a Venn diagram his class put together about our Skype session. … Continue reading

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Video Production Day 2

We continued working on our blog video today. Each group shot their different scenes based on the storyboards and dialog they wrote. I used large index cards for the storyboards so they could draw the scene on one side and … Continue reading

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Our Blog Video – How We Blog and Why, Is In Production

Besides video-Skyping today with new friends in Florida we started doing the real work of making a video about how we blog. Last Friday we started brainstorming all the steps we go through and then breaking it down into scenes. … Continue reading

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More Skype Connections

Today we video-Skyped with Paul Schwan’s fifth graders in Florida. Wes Fryer suggested we touch base with each other to work on some future projects … and today was the day. Dealing with the 3 hour time difference (or any … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Better!

I had my 5th graders blog about our classroom and school being broken into this week. I got to school and the police car was already their – one of my classroom’s windows was smashed in (and another classroom experienced … Continue reading

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Using Flickr In The Classroom … Or Should We?

I posted earlier today about the break-in at our school – In that post I mentioned using our class Flickr account. That prompted a comment and question from Jim: “Sorry to hear about your break in. Looking at your pictures … Continue reading

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The first sign that something wasn’t right was the pile of glass shards piled below my classroom window and the jagged, gaping hole that used to be a smooth pane of glass. As I entered the room our earth globe … Continue reading

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