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EduCon 2.0 I Barely Knew Ye … But Your Message Still Got Through

So it would seem to me that at NECC 2007 Twitter was the buzz, but not adopted yet by enough to be truly powerful. I was, AGAIN, just so busy this weekend I was not able to be involved much … Continue reading

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Trying Out A New Toy

Today I picked up a wireless modem card and service. I’m using it for the first time to make this post. I’m excited about the possibilities this provides. Now I can be online from anywhere I can get cell service … Continue reading

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Study: "The Influence of Teachers’ Technology Use on Instructional Practices”

Miguel  had a post today about this research on tech use in schools and I just felt I needed to help spread the news (The Influence of Teachers’ Technology Use on Instructional Practices – Glenda C. Rakes, Valerie S. Fields, … Continue reading

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Showcase The Network? or "World Domination”

With EduCon 2.0 taking place this weekend in Philadelphia and poor me not able to go, I thought I would share an idea that perhaps the attendees could rattle around.The host of EduCon, Chris Lehmann, explained what its about this … Continue reading

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A Special Anniversary – January 24, 2007

A year ago today was a special day in the lives of my students and I suspect many others. Why? January 24th just after lunch was the first time we video-Skyped Celest, a classmate with leukemia who could not attend … Continue reading

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The Long Journey To Where We Want To Be Is Fraught With Perils

As happens multiple times on Twitter each day someone needed some help and the following request was “Tweeted”: “Need a best practice example of a student blog post for class, complete with links, etc. Anyone suggest a model post?” I … Continue reading

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One Important Aspect Of Transparency In Teaching

I have vivid memories about when I first started teaching of having to focus so much on my lesson plan that sometimes my delivery was stilted and prodding and well, boring, or at least hard to follow. Within a few … Continue reading

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Nevada’s First Meaningful Caucus

Nevada Caucus participants “standing-up” for their candidates. My wife and I helped make history today by participating in the first Nevada Caucus for president. I teach elementary school, but my BA is in political science, and I found the process … Continue reading

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NECC 2008 Here I Come … I’m Pretty Sure!

DSC02225 Originally uploaded by BCrosby I found out today that there probably is money to send me to NECC 2008! I’ve already gone to 2 conferences this year, and there is an unwritten rule that you get one per year, … Continue reading

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What Are The Implications Of This?

“Carl Howard has taught school for six years, earned a master’s degree and almost has his Ph.D.But he still can’t afford to buy a house in Orange County. His school district thinks that is wrong and is meeting today to … Continue reading

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