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Collaborative Writing Via Google Docs and Skype

Today we experienced the best collaborative writing experience I’ve ever been part of. Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard’s 5th grade class in New York is involved with my class and a group of other teachers around the country in a … Continue reading

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eSchool News Publishes My Article

I was asked early last fall to write an article for eSchool News about our “Inclusion” experience last year. I submitted one and finally today it was published. They gave it a new title: “Video conferencing, web 2.0 apps help … Continue reading

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“The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” Web 2.0 Project

One of my favorite children’s books, and one of the best books for motivating kids to write is “The Mysteries Of Harris Burdick” by Chris Van Allsburg. We recently began a collaborative writing project designed by Lisa Parisi and me … Continue reading

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With A Little Help From Your Friends

Ever since hearing about the blogs of Al Upton’s 3rd graders being at least temporarily shut down because of fears that too much student information was being disclosed, I’ve wondered how I could help the situation. After much thought I … Continue reading

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"Teacher Feature” On Promethean Planet

Promethean shot their newest “Teacher Feature” in our classroom a few weeks ago and it was just posted on their site. I like how they mention our link to blogging (and other Web 2.0 features … the video we used … Continue reading

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Nevada Ranks 50th In High School Graduation Rate – And There Is A Co$t

a new report by the Alliance for Excellent Education again finds my state wanting when it comes to education. One thing that I note with interest is that our governor recently cut about the same amount from K-12 education as … Continue reading

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Are We "Bridging Differences” Finally?

Based on a comment I left on a post over at Weblogg-ed. I’ve been following “Bridging Differences” for quite awhile and so have seen how these two women who at first seemed far apart in their theories and experiences in … Continue reading

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This Blog’s 2nd Birthday!

So today this blog turned 2 years old … somehow it seems older, but March 5, 2006, was the first post. To mark that occasion I am re-posting that first post. Learning is messy! Why Field Trips, Technology and Project … Continue reading

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Integration Help

I received the following email today (edited very slightly and name withheld). I will answer the best I can, but I sure don’t have all the answers. Anyone willing to share their ideas here? “I am a fifth grade teacher … Continue reading

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"High-scoring nations on an international exam say success stems from autonomy, project-based learning”

I’ve noted lately there seem to be more and more studies and reports like this one. Check out this quote: “A delegation led by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) recently toured Scandinavia in search of answers for how students … Continue reading

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