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Male or Female?

Got this in an email today … couldn’t resist: Male or Female? –  You might not have known this, but, a lot of non-living objects are gender specific, actually either male or female.  Here are some examples: FREEZER BAGS? – … Continue reading

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…But … But When My Teaching Duties Subside … That’s When I HAVE Time To Be Networked!

Think it is interesting how several edubloggers have again been disconnecting from the network because of the feeling of “network/technology overload” and the feeling of needing a break (which I understand completely) or not really taking a break but coincidently … Continue reading

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Shaken Not Stirred

Seismograph – University of Nevada, Reno, 11:45PM last night Reported to be a 5.0 quake   UPDATE: Quake now said to have been 4.7 … cracked some house walls in northwest Reno, busted some sprinkler pipes, busted the flume used … Continue reading

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Marsopolis “Mars Creature”

Unfinished creature designed to live on Mars   One aspect of “messy” learning that not everyone gets are the disconnects … the misconceptions and fuzzy thinking that were really not the target of your plan that come up or become … Continue reading

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Are We Twittering Less And Enjoying It More?

I was introduced to Twitter last year at NECC in Atlanta and jumped in with both feet. Since then I have been as guilty as anyone with going through a period of almost obsession with the constant chatter and immediate … Continue reading

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Build Schools Not Prisons!

Another ASCD gem. In the Article Build Schools Not Prisons! a study by The Brookings Institute is cited. Some of the findings: – When you invest in highly effective educational programs, the benefits to society (in increased tax revenues and … Continue reading

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3 Layers of Groups

I realized today that we are in one of those phases when we have several projects going on at once and some of them started so long ago that we are dealing with 3 layers of groups right now. What … Continue reading

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Whose Problem Is Poverty?

NOTE: Cross posted over at “In Practice” “It’s no cop-out to acknowledge the effects of socioeconomic disparities on student learning. Rather, it’s a vital step to closing the achievement gap.” So begins the article on the ASCD web site: Whose … Continue reading

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Twitter … Another Why? Example

I’m writing this after upgrading my WordPress Blog from version 2.1 to version 2.5 without having my heart completely stop … but almost! I stupidly did not back-up my files … just followed the directions after being advised by WordPress … Continue reading

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: ( My Trip To NECC 2008 In Jeopardy

I haven’t given up … but, the funding I was counting on to go to NECC this year went with the newest budget cuts. Soooo, my search is back on … stay tuned! Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: NECC2008

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