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The Lure of Blogging

A student that was in our class last year left this comment on one of my current student’s blog posts today: Nice blog!!!! Tell Mr. Crosby to put me back on the blog, please!!!!! Learning is messy! Blogged with the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Education Plan

Saw this on The Huffington Post today: Obama’s Call to Arms on Education Reform  – by SUSAN KAISER GREENLAND   An excerpt: “In stark contrast to McCain’s continued embrace of No Child Left Behind, and the nightmarish wave of fear … Continue reading

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Eye Opener

Like many teachers I have my students keep copies of all their writing throughout the year in a portfolio (well really a file folder, but we call it a portfolio). This last week I told students to go through their … Continue reading

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Mars Phoenix Lander Successfully Lands On Mars!

Since we just took our own trip to Mars we spent some time Friday learning about the Mars Phoenix Lander mission. It’s such a perfect example of “messy learning”. We noted all the steps and thinking that go into a … Continue reading

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So Far, So Hard … But Mostly Good

I was planning on writing this kind of a post after school got out and I actually had time to reflect … although looking at the list of summer “to dos” that has already accumulated I’m not sure “reflection time” … Continue reading

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Just A Conversation

We just got done Skyping with a class of fourth and fifth graders in Louisiana. Their teacher contacted me a few weeks back about making a Skype connection because she had read about us somewhere. The class had never Skyped … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Due For An Update?

Parents of a student in my wife’s class took us out to dinner tonight. Dad is an anesthesiologist born in Korea, but his parents moved the family here when he was 5 years old. We had a great talk about … Continue reading

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It’s Not Going Away So You’re Going To Have To Deal With It

I’ve felt for a long time that teachers are their own worst enemies when it comes to fighting for what they believe should and shouldn’t be happening in our schools. I’m not alone in this “feeling” and definitely not the … Continue reading

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But! … Don’t Screw Up!

I’ve mentioned before here that I would be doing a better job overall if instead of being somewhat the “Lone Ranger” in my school district doing project-based learning with access to laptops for every student and many others pieces of … Continue reading

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Marsopolis … Messy Learning … And I’ll Ustream It?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008, my class, along with 500 other students will be traveling to Mars. We will actually be traveling to a large hall that will accommodate that many people to travel to Mars as best you can without … Continue reading

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