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Reuters – “Working with hands helps develop kids’ brains”

This short article is a great reminder that technology is NOT the “be all and end all” element missing from school – it’s an important part (tool), but there are other neglected pieces we need to re-emphasize to make our … Continue reading

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“Educational Technology Professional Development Manifesto.”

During and since NECC, I have had conversations with many people about the weak teacher voice in the edublogesphere in general, and the lack of actual examples from the classroom being showcased in presentations period. Whether you attended NECC in … Continue reading

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NECC/EduBloggerCon Pearson Flap Comments

As you have probably already heard EduBloggerCon had some controversy this year in relation to how Pearson brought in cameras and mics and recorded much of the conversation happening in one room. There was much fallout associated with it and … Continue reading

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It Just Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

After my presentation in the Blogger’s Cafe on video-conferencing, a woman in a hurry ran up to me and told me that she was from Singapore. She explained that she showed our “Inclusion” video to her administrators in Singapore, and … Continue reading

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NECC 2008 Debrief …

So this year’s NECC was different than last years NECC. DUH! Of course – different location, different time, different issues, and you can’t go home again. It’s never how you remember. Some complaints: WIFI not robust enough. Same complaint as … Continue reading

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A “Telling” Moment At NECC

There is always discussion about how to spread the word about integrating educational technology and why it seems such a difficult task. I believe my experience on the shuttle bus this morning bringing me to the last day of NECC … Continue reading

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