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Evaluation Hell, Part 2

Beginning tomorrow we will do 6 or so evaluations in 3 weeks. We start with what my school district calls the math benchmark test. The next day is the reading quarterly assessment known as the 4Sight test. Then the quantitative … Continue reading

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Video-Conferencing Presentation On K12 Online 2008

I meant to post about this at the beginning of the conference, but I guess right in the middle is good too. The K12 Online Conference 2008 is ongoing, and as usual the keynotes and presentations are well worth your … Continue reading

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Skypeing For Online Safety

A funny thing happened over the summer. My students became sixth graders! (and that can’t be good!) ; ) As we began the year and broke out the laptops I saw things happening that I didn’t like. Nothing horrendous mind … Continue reading

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Sustainable or Die!

Chris Lehmann posted today about “Sustainability“. I’ve noted for years and done my best to point out to people outside of education that the success stories of teachers and schools portrayed in the movies and books while inspirational, are not … Continue reading

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Travel The Oregon Trail

I was in my wife’s classroom on Saturday helping her turn her tables into “Covered Wagons.” She is reading the book- Patty Reed’s Doll: The Story of the Donner Party by Rachel K. Laurgaard in her 4th grade class. In a few weeks … Continue reading

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Dear Senator McCain and Senator Obama,

I wanted my sixth graders to be involved at even a minimal level in this election for several reasons. Foremost was that their families tend to NOT be involved in decisions that effect them. I even received notes from several … Continue reading

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