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One Reason We Blog – Finding and Clarifying Misconceptions

As my students were writing today about yesterday’s experience with Alan, I caught several misconceptions students had about what we had learned. One student explained, for example, that the reason Iceland isn’t as cold as one would think, based on … Continue reading

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Skypeing, Learning, Blogging, Iceland

Students take notes on their laptops as Alan Levine explains his experiences in Iceland. We have been studying the environment, climate, climate change, energy and more in science getting ready for a new project we will be taking on soon. … Continue reading

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A Year Ago … A Messy Thanksgiving

This was such a great experience last year! My students were talking about it yesterday and today. So I re-post here today as a celebration of our experience, AND of Thanksgiving itself: Originally posted November 2007 5th grade is the … Continue reading

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Finally, A Better Connection!

Our IT department … well Dan, who is our IT person came in today and installed 2 new Cisco wireless routers that my students’ laptops can access. After lunch we took about 2 minutes to log on and took the … Continue reading

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The Safety Of Programs

Cross-Posted from In Practice. My school is very at risk and therefore is always on the edge of making adequate yearly progress per NCLB. When this all started, about 10 years ago, that meant big programs were mandated in language … Continue reading

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OK, We Have Change! Now Don’t Mess Up!!!

I’m writing this at 8:00pm Pacific Time election night and Obama has just been elected the 44th President of the United States, and the Democrats are picking up Senate and House seats. How many seat we won’t know for hours … Continue reading

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So in case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, today is Election Day in the US. So get out there and vote like all our lives depend on it … because they probably do! Learning (and voting) are … Continue reading

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So You’re A Teacher And You’ve Been On The Web More Than Usual Because Of The Election? Stay Tuned And Read Some Blogs By And For Teachers!

I’ve been hearing news stories here and there about people in general, but also teachers commenting that they have been obsessed with the web the last weeks and months following the election. Does that describe you? Great! So now that … Continue reading

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