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January 24th – A Memorable Anniversary

Two years ago today was the first day we used Skype video-conferencing to bring a classmate with Leukemia, and unable to attend school into class from her home. The video my 4th graders (my current 6th graders) produced that has … Continue reading

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So we have leadership change, and the money might be coming (sort of). We could be in big trouble!

I’ve seen numbers bandied around like $1,000,000,000 (that’s a billion dollars) for edtech in an Obama administration. Tom Hoffman dives in here. Wow, that should do it. We’ll all be swimming in tech! WHAT? No, we won’t!? No, that funding … Continue reading

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                      We are at a brainstorming stage in out Bike Project where we were listing out ideas on different topics. I was going to do this on our ActivBoard because … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Visits

 Today we had the pleasure of having one of my former students visit our classroom and talk with my students. Juan is a college freshman now, planning to be a pediatrician by-the-way, and he has the lone distinction of … Continue reading

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Reno Bike Project Wiki Work

So yesterday we jumped back into wikis. Now you have to understand we use wikis a lot in our classroom, but lately, mainly as a place for my students to find and follow links I’ve put there for them. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Around The World with 80 Schools

Wow! You can’t set this up like this on purpose! I was just contacted about being part of a project that just might be the perfect way to engage with using Skype video-conferencing in your classroom. This project has been … Continue reading

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Exercise Improves Kids’ Academics

From the “I Told You So Department” comes this article and studies: Exercise Improves Kids’ Academics, by Dan Peterson, LiveScience’s Sports Columnist I’ll let the article mostly speak for itself but will post this one telling quote: “Ironically, one of … Continue reading

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Join The Conversation!

Alice Mercer has started a great conversation over at “In Practice” called “Why not “cure” poverty instead?” Jump in and add your thoughts! Learning is messy! Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: InPractice, Title 1 schools

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Making Video-Conferencing More Than Just Cool

If you are going to use video-conferencing in your classroom, it can’t just be to chat with someone. Back when Christian Long was an active Twitterer he said it like this: “It is NOT good enough to simply say, “My … Continue reading

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