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Why It Will Be Hard To Not Have A 1:1 Laptop Classroom

I have mentioned I really like that we have stretched the useful lifetime of an important resource but that as cute as it is to have a 1:1 laptop classroom based primarily on 9 year old laptops the end is … Continue reading

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“Race To The Top” Prediction

Prediction: Obama’s and Arne Duncan’s “Race To The Top” $4.5 billion funding race with it’s focus on testing and charter schools (which is supposed to be innovative, but is just NCLB reborn and repackaged – the same thing that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Health Care Is So Big Part Of The Education Equation

Catching a snippet of President Obama’s news conference last night reminded me of how important and far-reaching access to health care really is. Teaching “At Risk” students that tend not to get consistent health care I see the impact it … Continue reading

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Should You or I Care Who Follows Us On Twitter?

This comes up occasionally in Twitter discussions and elsewhere and I’ve finally decided to bring my perspective to the discussion. Why should you care who follows you on Twitter? When this question arises some take the, “It has absolutely no … Continue reading

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Another Lesson Learned

When I was in elementary school as a student, research reports were assigned very infrequently (because they were such a pain for all involved) and as often as not it was assumed students had research skills. It was not usually … Continue reading

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