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Race To The Top “Winners” (2nd round) Announced – So Why Do I Feel Like We All Lost?

So the RttT 2nd round “winners“ were announced today and what bothered me about it the most I think, is that it shows that a very narrow-minded policy is going forward and the negative side of me sees only bad … Continue reading

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Is There A Change of Heart Brewing About Race To The Top?

I have long questioned why a policy like Race To The Top that is supposed to be about promoting innovation in education, has had such a narrow focus on charter schools, relying on standardized test scores to evaluate teachers, as well … Continue reading

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Playing With a New Theme

Update 7/24/2010 – fixed header so it doesn’t double post the blog’s title – new header to come soon I hope! If you are a regular to this blog you will note some changes here. I have wanted to change … Continue reading

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Embed of My TEDx Talk

You’ll have to pardon me here. I originally meant to embed this video in my last post, but at the time I was at the airport and couldn’t make it work, so here is my TEDxDenver ED presentation embeded … … Continue reading

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My Tedx Denver ED Presentation Video

UPDATE 2 (7/15/2010)- OK, the video is back up sans my intro because my mic had an issue at first and the sound wasn’t great, so they edited that part out… not a big loss. I showed a slide of … Continue reading

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First Images and Report About TEDxDenver ED

As each presenter shared onstage Janine Underhill made a “Graphic Representation” of what they were saying, doing and showing on an ENO interactive whiteboard. I was jumping around pretty quickly so I am amazed by just how she kept up … Continue reading

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