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REPOST: A “Forgotten” Best Practice – Making A Difference In Students’ Lives

I’m about to begin my 29th or 30th year as a teacher (I’ve lost count), and I’m pleased to say that I’m raring to go. There are just so many exciting possibilities. Having said that, I also see many barriers … Continue reading

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The LA Test Score Debacle

– This post is actually a comment I left on the “Taking Note” blog. The author, John Merrow wrote about his support of the LA Times plan to publish student test scores as a way to “out” teachers: Face it. … Continue reading

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Online Safety Costs

Seeing that the Department of Education is hosting a cyber-bullying summit this week caused me to wonder aloud something that I and others have wondered before: How much of the cyber-bullying and other online safety issues would be helped if … Continue reading

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