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Make Way For Awe – Opinion

My comment to: “Make Way For Awe” on NBC’s Education Nation: Your description, I’m guessing, takes place in a school that is not “at risk” and/or “inner city.” I teach in a very “at risk” elementary school where students in … Continue reading

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Celest 4 Years Later

An old acquaintance showed up on local TV this week. Well, more than just an acquaintance really. They played a clip from our well known video and the rest of the story comes full circle. As a cancer surviver in … Continue reading

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My Comment To Oprah

I left the following comment on Oprah’s FaceBook page: Oprah: I’m thrilled to hear that you are planning a follow-up show to today’s about education. We all knew you wouldn’t have a show about education and not include actual educators … Continue reading

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OK, You Got Your Feet Wet! – Professional Learning Networks

So it is the start of the school year and perhaps you have just started your trek into this new pedagogy, this new network of learners. I think it is kind of like that first step into the lake to … Continue reading

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Response From NBC News

Here was the response I received today from NBC. I have removed the name of the person that sent it (No it wasn’t straight from Brian Williams): Hi Brian, Thank you for reaching out to Education Nation-we appreciate your interest … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To NBC News and Brian Williams

Dear NBC News and Brian Williams: I see NBC News is providing a broadcast forum called “Education Nation.” NBC is billing it as: “Education Nation is a nationally broadcast, in-depth conversation about improving education in America.” As I look over … Continue reading

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Repost: “The Important Book” A Writing Lesson

I’ve had several requests for this repost and I’m actually about to re-visit this lesson with my class to review the concepts and bring my 6 new students up to speed (I roll my class for 3 years, so 19 … Continue reading

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So a new year is upon us! I have rolled my last class of 4th graders to fifth grade as I usually do. I have 25 students – 19 returners from last year (the others moved) and 6 newbies. We … Continue reading

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What Do Teachers Need From Administrators?

Scott McLeod asked me to contribute (he didn’t offer cash as I recall) to his, “What do teachers need from administrators?” week of posts. His blog is much more widely read than mine, so don’t miss it there or you … Continue reading

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