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I think I’ve spent just about an hour (maybe more) for every minute of my TEDxNYED talk (I get 15 minutes) … I think that is ridiculous at one level … but REALLY, I’m not complaining on the other. As … Continue reading

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TEDxNYED – The Pressure Is On

So in a week I will be jetting across the country, weather permitting, to New York to do my 15 minutes on stage at TEDxNYED. Based on a few Tweets and emails from the last week, I’ve been relieved to … Continue reading

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I love this quote from the TV show “The West Wing.” Based on a real Mars landing gone awry, CJ Cregg implores the President to still do a live TV broadcast with scientists and school children even though the spaceship … Continue reading

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How did you begin your technology journey?

A reader named Diane left these questions for me on a recent post and I thought I’d answer her here too. I wonder if others should post their experiences on their own blogs … and in more depth than I … Continue reading

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So How Could I Still Teach My Students If School Was Cancelled? Reprised

NOTE: The pending blizzard hitting the central US and soon the east coast made me think of this post from 2 years ago. It was written in response to the H1N1 flu epidemic that was hitting at the time – … Continue reading

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