Lake Tahoe Beach Guest


Mount Tallac

One of the benefits to living in the Reno area is that Lake Tahoe is only 30 minutes from our house. We are not going on a formal “Vacation” this summer because we are saving for a trip next summer – so we got away to Tahoe for a few days.


This morning we were sitting on Nevada Beach when a gaggle of Canadian Geese came by and one made themself at home on my youngest daughter’s beach towel … I guess to work on its tan? … we had to laugh because Canadian Geese are plentiful here and in Reno and we never heard anyone call them anything but “ducks” and quack at them during the 3 days we were here.

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One Response to Lake Tahoe Beach Guest

  1. Glad to see those pesky geese bothering you down there…they’re mostly a nuisance.

    Enjoy your holiday!

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