Anyone Home Here?

So … where the heck have I been? Why no posts here in almost 4 months???

Well it hasn’t been for a lack of wanting to. Along with “issues” at my school that have something to do with “school reform” that have sucked my time in a major way (see my Twitter feed) I had a major nasal infection that became “anti-biotic resistant” and then surgery on my nose at Thanksgiving that I was expected to bounce back from in 3 to 5 days … but last week my surgeon informed me I needed to expect things to be good in a month or so (3 months after surgery). Needless to say my usual “high energy-ness” was compromised and is only now reviving. Apparently I broke my nose 2 or 3 times and once “really bad” many years ago – must have been in my high school hockey playing years in the suburbs of Detroit and LA … but I never remember even being hit in the nose (maybe that’s part of the problem).

Anyhow my intention is to get back in action here and elsewhere soon … and more consistently as well.

Learning is messy! (and you should see the photos inside my nose … well probably not)

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4 Responses to Anyone Home Here?

  1. Deven Black says:

    Welcome back! I just did my first blog post in a month and I didn’t have my nose as an excuse. I hope you’ll breathe easier now that this post is up.

  2. Mathew says:

    Welcome back! Blogging is as messy as learning.

  3. Jenny says:

    Good gracious! Glad to hear your voice here again and hope things keep improving.

  4. Charles says:

    New to blogging here and I enjoyed reading about our nose. I’m a little concerned about you not knowing when you’ve previously broken your nose. Then again, only the nose knows, where the nose goes. I look forward to reading our bog.

    Hi Charles – That’s what I thought too. How could I not remember something like that? But the doctors tell me it happens all the time. They say its about 50/50 that patients remember ever being hit in the nose when they are told they broke their nose years ago. – Brian

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