Tech Integration On The Run

9 Promethean ActivBoards will be installed in classrooms at my school next week. This will bring us up to 11 classrooms that have them installed (out of about 26 classrooms) – the teacher next door, who like me already has one installed, is concerned because in many of these classrooms the installation of the ActivBoard will cover-up the regular whiteboard in the room – this is because there is asbestos in the brick classroom wall – so to install the boards without having to call out a hazmat team they screw it into the existing whiteboard. So why the concern? He is afraid we will be running around doing “just-in-time” training for teachers that are going to be thrust in one day from using markers to using software and hardware with minimal training.

They have had some training – but it was 2 months ago when the boards were originally supposed to be installed. We are having once-a-month training the rest of the year, but that won’t begin for a few weeks – so it should be interesting. Fortunately, the teachers involved are enthusiastic about teaching with the boards and integrating technology into their teaching and 2 of us have been using them since the beginning of school and are comfortable with tech. We have teachers in grades 1 through 6 involved and we are being researched as a focus group by the local university. I have my running shoes ready – I’ll keep you posted.

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4 Responses to Tech Integration On The Run

  1. If you need any help, I’m just an e-mail away! If the worst happens, they can still write on the ACTIVboard with a whiteboard marker!!!

  2. Brian says:

    Graham – are you sure? We were told that was a big no-no. Will change the finish and make the board not show up as well later on.

  3. Joyce Paisley says:

    I would be very interested more detailsi about the training you provide and in knowing what successes and/or problems you experience. My school is about a semester behind. We currently have one ACTIVboard and will purchase #2 before Christmas. Then, next fall, the plan is for every teacher to have a mounted system.

    Good luck with the progress your school is making!

  4. Well, that’s what our trainer said – but maybe it’s safer not to! And Joyce, at the risk of self-promotion, check out my team Interactive Whiteboard blog, Activboarding that has over a year’s worth of trials and tribulations.

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