Video Skype Demo Tuesday Anyone???

Well this worked for Wes last week, but his readership is just a bit higher than mine… I’m teaching a class tech class to K – 12 teachers – Tuesday, December 5 – from 4pm Pacific Time, until 7:30. I’d really like to do a very quick video Skype demo – 3 minutes is all I need – can anyone help me out? I know this is last minute, but a person I had lined up can’t now. Let me know and I’ll send you my Skype info.

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  1. Barry Dahl says:

    Hi Brian,
    I could video Skype in to your meeting if needed (or you could Skype me instead). I’m on Central time. I’d prefer a fairly specific time if possible.

    Let me know.
    Skype name: barry_dahl

  2. Brian,
    Ironically enough I’m doing a workshop with K-12 teachers on blogging the exact same time except on CST. I’d love to do a quick Skype call with your group.

    For me if we did it early on…which for me would be 2 hours later around 6:45ish, that would be great.

    Skype name: dean_shareski

  3. Scott Parker says:

    Sure, we would love to help you out. Unfortuately, I am only available until just about 4:40 PST today.

    Send me your skype details and I will set you up.

    Scott Parker
    Gleneagle Secondary
    Coquitla, BC

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