What Better Way to Spend A Friday Evening? – 3D Printer Building

Last week I missed the Saturday class and 4 hours of time to work on my 3D printer. Fortunately they offered some extra time Friday night to work. So about 6 of us showed up and spent 3 to 4 hours.




This all takes place in the University of Nevada, Reno, Engineering Design Lab.





Doug Taylor and I spread out all the parts from our 2 printers – still lots to assemble.













Slowly but surely the printers take shape.

As usual the laser cut wood that makes up the bulk of the pieces reeks of burned wood.










I add 2 more motors, (out of 5 total) ┬áseveral belts and rollers that snap into their tracks and then make sure each part moves smoothly and easily. And when they don’t, adjustments are made and parts are taken apart and put back together correctly a few times (messy learning for sure).












The screen is attached and it starts to look more like a 3D printer.


















This is where I ran out of time today, but back at it tomorrow. Lots of parts left to go, and based on others that are farther along … “lots of soldering … lots and lots of soldering.”





The prototype was running again today … mocking us it seemed. We’ll get there. :)

The prototype of our printer showing off.

The view from the back:

Learning is messy!

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