The Inclusion Story Continues

Even though she doesn’t want any of the credit Wendy Damonte co-anchor from KTVN Channel 2 who reports this story made the contact with Renown Health that got Celest an iMac computer. The Children in Transition Program of Washoe County, Nevada, used grant money to pay the monthly fee for the high speed internet connection at Celest’s house – and AT&T installed an extra phone line in her house and installed the DSL for free. Click the photo below to see the newscast streamed. Click here to see a higher quality download. With permission From KTVN Channel 2 Reno, Nevada.

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3 Responses to The Inclusion Story Continues

  1. Liz Kelso says:

    Kia ora from New Zealand,

    I came across your blog (and the Inclusion video) through a classblogmeister forum – what a great story! You are doing fabulous things.

    I am a Year 7 teacher from NZ. At the moment the students my class (10 – 11 year olds) are looking at how technologies influence the way we interpret the world – so this video is an excellent example! We will be watching your video in class tomorrow, discussing what we think about it, and writing about our response to it.

    Great idea, great class. Maybe our classes can “chat” sometime! Keep up the good work.

  2. What a wonderful on-going story but your class looks like it just stepped out of a movie. They are so beautiful.

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