Can It Be True? Free WiFi?

I heard about this earlier today. Google is offering free wifi that is easy enough that you can install it yourself (or you can opt for professional installation for a price). What implications will this have for schools and learning? How will school districts react? What about the general public? What is your reaction? Almost to good to be true! Share any thoughts you have about how we could leverage this to make a difference in students’ lives.

Learning is messy!!!

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4 Responses to Can It Be True? Free WiFi?

  1. Anne Bubnic says:

    Oops — you’ve forgotten that GOOGLE is famous for their April Fool’s Day jokes — and today, of course, is April 1st!!!

    Learning is messy — but not THAT messy! LOL! : )

    Here’s a link to all of their previous APRIL FOOL’S DAY HOAXES — all so clever!


  2. Anne Bubnic says:

    For those who didn’t see the directions to the Free Home WiFi — it was supposed to run through your sewer system. Check out the instructions for the install. Cracked me up!

    BTW, it’s in “beta” – LOL!

    And here’s the link that exposes it all as a joke:

  3. Brian says:

    Anne – SHHH! You’re going to ruin it! : )

  4. Mrs. Durff says:

    April Fool’s!

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