What I have To Wake Up To For Three Days

This is the view outside our window in Washington D.C. – Department of Education – note the little school buildings labeled “No Child Left Behind.”

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4 Responses to What I have To Wake Up To For Three Days

  1. A. Mercer says:

    What a great visual metaphor. Really, what more can you say?

  2. Jeff Yearout says:

    That picture is truly worth a thousand words. But some of the words that come to mind:

    “Colorful entrance, drab continuing existence”

    “Check your creativity, zeal, and innovative spirit at the door”

    “One of us, one of us, we’re going to make you one of us!”

    “All your base are belong to us”

  3. Doug Noon says:

    After seeing a movie recently, The Ministry of Magic comes to mind.

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