This Is Too Cool! Especially If Mom Follows Through.

Reminding you that my students attend a “Title 1″ school and close to 90% of our students receive free lunch, this blog post, and Mom’s comment that follows is just too much! The original assignment was to write about a place you would like to visit. Here’s the link. You might want to have tissue handy. Blogging is messy!

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2 Responses to This Is Too Cool! Especially If Mom Follows Through.

  1. Cheryl Oakes says:

    Brian, this is a great post. Can’t wait to read the blog after the Disney trip. This is so great, so transparent, so 21st Century.

  2. amanda says:

    It is so cool to know that you are already blogging. I am a senior in high school and I just learned to blog at the beginning of the year!

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