EduCon 2.0 I Barely Knew Ye … But Your Message Still Got Through

So it would seem to me that at NECC 2007 Twitter was the buzz, but not adopted yet by enough to be truly powerful. I was, AGAIN, just so busy this weekend I was not able to be involved much in all the Ustreams and Twitter conversations and more going on … but Saturday evening I sat down for about 20 minutes to check email and the like and I was checking Twitter and in just 2 windows I gleaned the following twits from various attendees:

Chris Lehmann: Don’t talk about “What” before “Why”.

gary stager – “as a teacher, it is your primary goal to make memories.”

Chris: Technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.

Gary – technology matters, it IS about the technology.

Gary Stager – “I’d like to see Margaret Spellings write a musical. I have kids that can do that!”

Stager – pedagogical theory – a good prompt is worth 1,000 words.

ChrisLehmann -” You have to treat teachers with care – so they in turn will treat students with care.”

Lehmann: if you say you are project-based but still give tests, you aren’t really project-based.

“greatest predictor of literacy is giving them access to high-interest books.” Gary Stager

I would say that Twitter has come into its own.

I also saw the end of about 4 presos being Ustreamed and could feel the energy. It reminded me of the energy in the Blogger’s Cafe and the EdBloggerCon before NECC 2007 … except this one lasted a weekend instead of one day.

Since it is looking like I might be able to attend NECC this year too, I can’t wait to see how the bloggercon evolves.

Learning is messy.

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  1. Cathy Nelson says:

    Hey Brian–we so wished you could have been there. It was really surreal and special all in one. And you are right! The whole three days twitter did a phenomenal job of summing up key points and making everyone there wish they could split off and go to three or four sessions at once. Not one single PPT did I see! The focus was on conversations about student learning.

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