Build Schools Not Prisons!

Another ASCD gem. In the Article Build Schools Not Prisons! a study by The Brookings Institute is cited. Some of the findings:

– When you invest in highly effective educational programs, the benefits to society (in increased tax revenues and decreases in public medical services and incarceration) far exceed the costs of such programs.

They include interventions that are “Highly Effective” in reducing the dropout rate:

– Early childhood education programs, serving children from preschool to 3rd grade.

– Increase teacher salaries.

– A high school program called First Things First–a comprehensive program that includes small learning communities, personalized learning, more counselors, and less teacher turnover.

What a surprise!

Learning is messy!


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One Response to Build Schools Not Prisons!

  1. Steven Kimmi says:

    Funny how some people get paid a lot of money to figure these things out and then they get ignored, not by everyone, just the people in charge.

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