Stolen Laptops Update

The good news is that we are being told that the 32 stolen HP laptops will be replaced … when that will happen is of course way up in the air – could be months. I don’t know yet about any possibility of replacing my students’ iBooks and I have no idea when I might find out yet. The worst part is I can’t be involved, so far at least, so I have to ask questions through my very-busy-the-week-before-school-starts principal who I really don’t want to keep bothering.

Now I’m deciding how to handle this with my students. We will share the laptops we have left (about 18 although I’m not positive they all work, one looks “messed up”), and blog the best we can. We’ll just have to adapt for at least awhile.

Thanks again for all your kind thoughts!

Learning is messy!

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One Response to Stolen Laptops Update

  1. Ann Oro says:

    I was so sad to catch up on your blog and read about the stolen laptops. It is unimaginable to me that so many were removed from the school (including a cart!!!!) without anyone noticing. I keep our six iBooks in a locking cart and just received a cart for the tablets that the school won. The new cart does not seem to have a lock and that was bothering me – even before I read your post.

    I’m sure your students will amaze you with how they rise to the occasion. I hope your school will find a means to support your 1:1 program. I can imagine that it will be hard to go backwards. Learning sure can be messy.

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